The Quiter Group, a company which was founded in 1995, is a company specialising in the design, creation, implementation and support of DMS (Dealer Management Systems) for the automobile sector, aimed at satisfying the needs of its clients. It is currently one of the most important international IT engineering groups in the automobile sector.

The Quiter group consists of the following companies:

  • Quiter IT Services, with its headquarters in Santander (Spain), formed in the year 1995.
  • Quiter Argentina, with its headquarters in Buenos Aires, formed in the year 2000.
  • Quiter Portugal, with its headquarters in Lisbon, formed in the year 2004.
  • Quiter Mexico, with its headquarters in Mexico City, formed in the year 2006.
  • Quiter Colombia, with headquarters in Bogotá, formed in the year 2012.

In addition to these countries, we also have clients in:

  • Bolivia
  • Angola

One of the company's objectives has always been to make a difference due to the high technological level of its products and the quality of its services.

More than 240 people are currently dedicated to addressing the needs of more than 2,200 dealerships that have placed their trust in the company's products and services.



Optimise the management of the different business areas.
Quality and reliability in the software supplied.
Improve the service offered to our clients and their loyalty as a differentiating factor.


To be the most technologically advanced DMS with constant evolution.
Enjoy the trust of all the clients that need our services.


The satisfaction of our clients.
Team work.
Collaboration with our clients.
Acting responsibly with the environment.

Policy and strategy

The Quiter Group pursues the enhancement of the international leadership of its products, actively committed to R&D and the continuous training of its professionals.

The careful planning of the expansion process on the international market has allowed the company to strengthen its business model and face new challenges with enthusiasm and optimism. This expansion plan on the international market, undertaken by its management team, is proving to be very effective and, to date, the company is present in Portugal, Andorra, Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico.

The company's strategy is based on anticipating the needs of dealers by means of the constant evolution, in order to offer the best quality in our products and services.

The main focus of the strategy revolves around offering dealers a range of complete solutions, formed by products of an advanced technological standard and undergoing constant evolution, with its high added value services.



  • February The company Case Internacional approves our product for Spain and Portugal.


  • December Ford Motor Company renews Quiter's certification as a 'Ford Strategic Business Integration Partner'.
  • October Launch of the Release 85, where the most important innovations are Cita Activa, Automotive Interface Manager (AIM), Quiter Attachment Engien V3.


  • December Ford Motor Company certifies Quiter as a 'Ford Strategic Business Integration Partner'.
  • October Launch of the Release 80, where the Active Used Vehicle, Active Replacement and Qmobility are the most important developments in terms of providing mobility and remote access to the application.
  • July Suzuki Mexico approves Quiter AutoWeb.


  • September The Release 75 begins, where Quiter Business Intelligence QBI are presented for sales and warehouse..
  • January Approval of Renault Colombia.


  • December Creation of Quiter Colombia.
  • October Update to the Release 70 with new Active Receipt functions, a QMS messaging system and other new features.


  • May Renault France grants Quiter with Worldwide Eligibility for being one of the 7 DMS selected for the Renault World.
  • March Ford and Volvo Mexico approve QAW.


  • October Kia Motors Iberia and Nissan Mexico approve QAW.
  • September QAW is approved by Volvo and Ford Portugal.
  • August QAW is the DMS approved by Nissan Iberia and Kia Iberia.
  • July Quiter is installed in the PCTCAN Technological Scientific Park of Cantabria.
  • May Renault and Nissan Portugal approve QAW.


  • November Renewal of Aenor certification, with the commitment to excellence in management.


  • November Quiter obtains certification from Opel Spain.
  • July Quiter is recognised as the most innovative company in Cantabria.


  • June Citroen Spain approves QAW.
  • May The QAW version comes on to the market with a new work concept, QAW 7.0.
  • April Peugeot Mexico approves QAW.


  • July Quiter obtains approval from Honda and Toyota Mexico.
  • May Quiter starts its professional trajectory in Mexico.
  • February Renault Argentina recommends QAW.


  • May QAW is approved by Seat Portugal.
  • April Citroen Argentina approves QAW for its whole network of dealers.
  • February Suzuki grants Quiter approval for its network of dealers.


  • May Ford and Toyota in Spain approve QAW.
  • April Quiter sets up in Portugal.


  • March Quiter obtains approval from Renault Spain.


  • March VW Group (VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat) approve Quiter in Spain. Jaguar and Land Rover also do it.


  • September Quiter is certified and approved by DAF, Mazda and Volvo.
  • February Peugeot Argentina approves QAW.


  • June In Spain, Peugeot, Honda and Chrysler approve QAW.
  • January Start of operations in Argentina, creating the subsidiary Quiter Argentina.


  • February Fiat Group Spain (Fiat, Lanzia and Alfa Romeo) approve QAW.


  • May Quiter IT Services QSI is founded, a parent company of the Quiter Group, with the aim to offer the market the best solution for the automobile sector, both in terms of products and services.

Quiter Quality

  • Quality and reliability in the supplied Software.

  • Full guarantee on implementation, training and maintenance services, with top client satisfaction.

  • Client care and loyalty mark the difference with respect to our competitors.

  • Ongoing improvement commitment with our processes in order to guarantee the highest standards in regard to quality and professionalism

Quality Certification

Quiter was one of the first companies in its sector to be certified; it has a quality certificate based on UNE-EN-ISO9001:2000 standard issued by Tüv Management Service.

Quality System

  • Efficient organisation of human, technical and financial resources.

  • Objective measurement of the service standards provided to our clients.

  • Full procedure and company know-how documentation.

  • Assessment of client satisfaction in order to improve and detect possible new needs.

  • Internal and external audit scheme to ensure the highest quality standards.

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