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DMS for dealers

It combines all of the departments of a dealership in a single application, warehouse, garage, accounting, tax, new vehicle, used vehicle and CRM.
Flexible and easy-to-use, thanks to its interactive web technology.
It operates ONLINE in real time with a single database.
Multi-company features, location, tax system, language, currency, platform (Linux/Windows).
Graphical environment with global information about the different modules.
Online updates by means of the internet.


Garage office

Module aimed at the centralised management of garages: repair requests, appointments, historical records, quotations, orders for garage clients, discount vouchers, lists and reports, general graphical display.

Planning appointments

Module for managing prior appointments and control of the receptionist's workload. Allows planning for teams or workers. Includes reserving rental vehicles.

Administrator for workers

Module for centralised management of workers, schedules and working hours. Includes lists, reports and calculation processes.

Administrator for warranties

Management and control of the repair requests under warranty, the invoicing of warranties and the receipt of payments. Includes lists for the control of complaints and payments.

Administrator for RAC

Module for permitting the control of vehicles and rental contracts, invoices for them and display of the park occupancy.

Administrator for replacement vehicles

Manages replacement vehicles and rental contracts completed. Direct access to planning, to contracts created and editing rentals.

Administrator for garage alerts and campaigns

Module for the creation, integration and control of alerts or campaigns on behalf of the manufacturer and the dealer. Creation of alert messages in vehicles. Control of alert statuses.

Administrators for kits and Labour

Modules that allow the creation, search and editing of workforce kits and codes that are associated with the repair request.

Administrator for insurance

Module that allows the management of insurance and accident reports. Includes a renewal process for insurance policies.

Other processes, notifications, reports, statistics and lists.


Administrator for sales

Centralised management of the sales over the counter and to garages. Consult articles, client orders, warehouse sales, general overview of a client, lists, graphical statistics of sales, etc.

Administrator for reservations

Module for the control and management of items reserved by clients. Complete traceability from the client's order to the final sale. Reports and lists of reservations.

Administrator for credit sales invoicing

Module for the control and management of warehouse invoices. Invoicing process for credit shipping notes.

Administrator for purchases

Centralised management for warehouse purchases: orders to suppliers, arrivals in the warehouse, complaints to suppliers, lists and reports for purchasing, graphical statistics for purchases.

Administrator for procurement

Module for warehouse procurement. Definition of periods of consumption, ABC classification, graphical statistics of stock analysis, order proposals.

Administrators for stock lists, rates and discount codes

Modules for stock lists, current ones and for previous dates, and managing discount codes: creation, consultation and editing. Managing rates and editing item packs.

Administrator for general inventory

Module for consultation and creation of counts for the standardisation of stock, lists for counting and checking.

Administrator for inventory sampling

Module for allowing the management of warehouse inventory sampling. It is provided with a calender to control, establish settings for and list counts.

Administrator for reference exchanges

Module for managing reference exchanges in warehouse items. Overview of affected records (orders to suppliers, kits, packs, etc.).

Other processes, notifications, reports, statistics and lists.


Administrator for new vehicle

Managing inventory and virtual new vehicle stock with summary graphs for the control and segmentation of stock.

New vehicle sales

Control and management of new vehicle sales with a detailed analysis of the objectives, returns and invoicing reports.

New vehicle fleet sales

Agility in new vehicle fleet sales with the use of standard invoices.

Funding in sales

Analysis of the funding undertaken in sales of vehicles, allowing the extraction of reports.

Funding in purchases

Managing funding undertaken in purchases for vehicles with complete control of amounts, deadlines and commissions with reports designed for their analysis.

Administrator for purchases

Centralised control of purchases, payments and stock funding.

Advance payments

Managing and editing advance payments made by the clients allowing the analysis of advance payments made with control lists.

Control of debits and credits

Centralised management of the sales support offered in the new vehicle sales. Graphical summary and control of amounts requested, paid and pending payment.

Administrator for vehicle transport

Control of the locations of our stock and editing vehicle transport. Planning and reports for transport.

Administrator for used vehicle

Used vehicle stock management segmented stock from the dealer, virtual stock, vehicles in storage, future stock and repurchases with graphical indicators.


Control and management of vehicle appraisals with a detailed analysis of the status of proposals made in order to work in the most efficient manner in operations.

Sales of used vehicle

Control and management of used vehicle sales with a detailed analysis of the objectives, returns and invoicing reports.

Administrator for used vehicle appraisals

Creation and monitoring of vehicle appraisals undertaken with historical records of the assessments undertaken per vehicle or client and control reports.

Other processes, notifications, reports, statistics and lists.


Comprehensive management of clients gathering all of the information, regardless of where it derives from: sales force, garage, internet, telephone..., allowing for needs to be analysed and striving to meet them.


Tool to create and monitor business opportunities by consultant, vehicle offers, tests...

Administrator for actions

Scorecard for the use of sales managers to measure the performance of their consultants and to define objectives.

C.R.M. campaigns

Definition of sales prospects or actions in an automated or manual manner for our relationship with clients.


Administrator for relations focused on the client, carrying out comprehensive monitoring of all of the channels that our company uses in its relations with clients. Calculating opportunities allows us to detect new business possibilities.

Delivery of vehicles

Planning and control of the logistics related with the delivery of vehicles to offer the best customer service.

Testing vehicles

Carrying out the testing of vehicles and controlling the tests with a graphical display planner.

Other processes, notifications, reports, statistics and lists.


Accounting entries

Consult accounting conducted in the different business areas and edit records manually.

Cash management

Control in an agile, easy and intuitive manner for the different cash flow.

Cash management

Tool for the control of balances and accounting movements of general ledger accounts and personal accounts. It allows: movements to be consulted, issuing statements, obtaining graphs, issuing lists of balances and due dates, picking accounts.

Purchases to suppliers

Checking and accounting of invoices with simplified access to the delivery notes and subleased works.

Discount vouchers

Checking and recording work outsourced to third parties in all of the dealer's departments.

Issuing invoices

Editing and checking invoices that do not corresponding with the post-sales and sales management.

Depreciation of invoices

Selection of invoices pending payment in order to calculate their loss of value and accounting.

Fixed assets

Control of the fixed assets and the repayments made thanks to a graphic display with automatic accounting.

Collection and payment

Module for the control of client/supplier due dates for the forecast and execution of collection and payment by means of the creation of files in line with applicable bank regulations.

Completions, logbooks and balances

Control of the company's accounting cycles, issuing balances and recording documents and taxes with checklists.

Accounting and tax settings

Module where the accounting and tax behaviour of the system is defined in the whole application.

Other processes, notifications, reports, statistics and lists.

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