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"GRUPO HUERTAS, A group with a long history on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, joins the Quiter family to unify its processes and procedures, using just one DMS for all its dealers with Quiter AutoWeb."

Francisco Vidal

Director General

With 33 basesand a human team of over 850 people, Grupo Huertas Automoción leads vehicledistribution in the Region of Murcia.

In 1900, GinésHuertas Martínez opened an auxiliary rail workshop,which then was linked to cars.

It is famous forselling the first vehicles that circulated on the roads of Spain and fordistributing the first Spanish-made automobiles. Since then it has maintained aprivileged position thanks to the great effort, professionalism andinnovation, of the five generations of this family-owned company.

At present, GrupoHuertas Automoción is a large multi-brand network given over to the sale andrepair of passenger cars and industrial vehicles with official dealers of someof the most prestigious brands: SEAT, Volkswagen, Audi, Smart, Mercedes-Benz,Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Toyota, Hyundai, Opel, Infiniti and Iveco.

What made you decide to install Quiter AutoWeb?

We ran a prior selection process of the main solutions existing on themarket, and we even developing something ourselves or adapting other tools thatweren't specific to the sector. Finally, we think the key factor was havingcertification of the brands with which we work, which was a central objectivegiven the complexity there is in our group. Another factor that was very muchtaken into consideration was its major implementation in the sectors and therecommendations of other dealers.

Is the system easy to use? What would you highlight about Quiter AutoWeb?

It's pretty intuitive and once you get to know it it's user-friendly.We'd highlight the knowledge and experience that Quiter has as a company  of the automobile sector, which can be seenin the tool with very specific solutions to specific problems.

What are the most important differences that have been noticed with thechange over to Quiter?

It has meant simplifying information management at group level, thanksot the fact it is a real multi-company system. It enables us to match themanagement of each independent dealership, with complete cross-sectionalinformation about all of them.

We've also noticed more speed and efficiency in adapting the system tolegal and other changes.

How has Quiter contributed to the management of the dealership?

It's improved management between different departments and on an overalllevel. We've found that we have more information about processes than we hadbefore.

What are the areas in which your processes have improved with the use ofQuiter AutoWeb?

Mainly in those areas where we didn't have integrations with brandswhere now we do. Operations are also more traceable. We have the information inreal time without having to close anything or run specific calculationprocesses.

 What has the adaptation been like onbehalf of the personnel of your dealership with the change in system?

Although a change of this type is always a complex one, it was quitefast thanks to the contribution made by the team of consultants that providedsupport in the previous phase and in the start up at the dealerships.

What do you think about the training of the Quiter personnel throughoutthe implementation?

The team that participated in implementing the system in ourinstallations worked hand in glove with our staff, making a really cohesiveteam. We'd like to emphasise that a lot of the success of the implementationwas due to the tremendous collaboration of the data migration andparametrisation staff, which was vital for adapting the tool to our needs.

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